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Song Legacy Lyric Sheet
for Personalized Song
LS-BB     Champagne Glasses and Red Roses

  This lyric sheet and CD cover, featuring champagne glasses and red roses, would be an ideal choice for a personalized song for a wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day or any other romantic occasion. The CD cover includes a blank area where you can add your own greeting or photo.

In addition to being available for personalized songs, this lyric sheet and CD cover are used in our 50th anniversary song for MP3 downloading, Your Golden Day. The lyrics in the example below are from that song, and you can learn more about that song or purchase it on the sample page for the 50th anniversary song Your Golden Day.

Blank lyric sheet with champagne and roses, ideal for a personalized anniversary song
Blank lyric sheet with champagne glasses and red roses
Champagne glasses and roses lyric sheet with lyrics to 50th anniversary song
Champagne glasses & roses lyric sheet with sample lyrics

Blank champagne glasses
& roses CD cover

Champagne glasses & roses
CD cover with sample text

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Sample lyric sheet Sample Lyric Sheet LS-BB    Champagne Glasses with Red Roses

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