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Thank you for ordering a package from Song Legacy. This page allows you to make a payment through PayPal, using either a credit card or PayPal account. Payment must be in US dollars.

To make a payment for one of the amounts listed below, please click on the appropriate "Buy Now" button. If you are paying an amount that is not listed, please click on the button that says "PayPal, Click here to pay" and then enter the amount of your payment.
Note: This is set up for payment in U.S. dollars.
If you want to pay in a different currency,
please contact us at contact Song Legacy
Personalized song, U.S. order:
    Pay $75 deposit
    Pay $674 balance
for song without graphics package
    Pay $674 balance plus $65 for
CD production, S&H (total $539)

Personalized song, international order:
    Pay $149 deposit
    Pay $600 balance
    Pay $600 balance plus $129 for CD production,
handling and shipping Global Express (total $529)
   Pay $600 balance plus $90 for CD production,
handling and shipping Express Mail (total $490)
   Pay $600 balance plus $74 for CD production,
handling and shipping Priority Mail (total $474)

Additional payment for CD production,
shipping & handling:
    U.S. orders $65 production, S&H
   International orders $74 production, S&H (Priority Mail)

   Graphics Package ($90)

MP3 Downloads: $9.99
(Please identify song being purchased)

Payments of other amounts:


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