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Song Legacy Song #AC036

with Sample Lyrics My Beautiful Daughter
Sample Use: Quinceanera Song

This is a sample song written to the music of one of the songs available for your personalized song from Song Legacy. To choose this music for your song, please request song AC036.

STYLE: Latin Rhythm
SUGGESTED USES: Quinceanera song, anniversary song, birthday song, wedding first dance song
TIME: 4 min. 32 sec.
PRICE FOR PERSONALIZED SONG (without graphics package):$749


Note: In addition to offering this music for personalized songs, we also offer a standard Quinceanera song using the same music, for MP3 downloading at $9.99 per song. Learn more about the Quinceanera song 'My Beautiful Daughter'.

LISTEN WITH FLASH PLAYER 7 OR HIGHER: Click on selection to hear full song.

LISTEN TO MP3 excerpt (if you don't have Flash - 1 min. 6 sec.)

Lyric sheet for Quincenera song 'My Beautiful Daughter', by Andrea Carter
Sample Lyric Sheet for Quinceanera Song Using This Music

CD cover for Quincenera song 'My Beautiful Daughter', by Andrea Carter
Sample CD Cover for Quinceanera Song

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