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Country/Western Style
Golden Anniversary Song
After Fifty Years

Listen to MP3 excerpt from this original fiftieth anniversary song

MP3 excerpt (1 min. 39 sec.)

This original fiftieth wedding anniversary song, After Fifty Years, would be an ideal romantic gift for your spouse on your 50th anniversary. This country-western style song is available as an MP3 download, along with a high-quality illustrated lyric sheet and CD jacket cover image. Russ Pruitt is the composer and lyricist, and the vocalists are Brad and Lori Lambert. Playing time of the full song is 5 minutes 3 seconds. The price for downloading this MP3 and associated lyric sheet and CD cover image is $9.99.

Lyric Sheet for Fiftieth Anniversary Song
Lyric sheet for Fiftieth Anniversary Song After Fifty Years

CD cover for original fiftieth anniversary song
CD cover for original
Fiftieth anniversary song

  In addition to the MP3 file and lyric sheet, your purchase will include this downloadable CD jacket cover image created especially for this song.

If you're planning to copy the MP3 to a CD to present as a gift, including this CD cover will transform the CD case into a 50th anniversary greeting card.

Click on the "Buy now" button below to order your download of the MP3 file of the fiftieth anniversary song After Fifty Years, along with higher quality versions of the lyric sheet and CD cover illustrated above, for only $9.99. Be sure to go through the PayPal checkout procedure to complete your order.

After your PayPal payment is complete, you should click on "Return to Merchant" at the bottom of the PayPal "Thank you for your payment" page, to receive your instructions for downloading the files immediately.

We will also send you a follow-up message including the instructions for downloading your files, in case you run into problems with downloading immediately after your PayPal payment.

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If you have any problems, contact us at contact Song Legacy

See our Products page to find out about other options, including how to order a customized fiftieth anniversary song.


Please note that this product is an MP3 file of an original fiftieth anniversary song, including vocals, along with an illustrated lyric sheet and CD jacket cover image which can be printed. We do not offer sheet music or recordings of background music.

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